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The Michigan Dogman is a cryptid which has gained widespread notoriety in modern times throughout the United States, and more recently across the globe.


Whilst there have been many thousands of alleged sightings of the Dogman over the years, most accounts agree that the beast resembles an enormous humanoid over seven feet tall with digitigrade legs (similar to those of a cat or wolf) which is capable of walking both upright and on all fours. it is usually said to be massively muscled, possessed of taloned, human-like hands, and with the head and fangs of a large dog such as a German Shepherd. Many of those who claim to have encountered the Dogman report a feeling of overwhelming dread when confronted by the beast.

It should be noted that whilst the Dogman has been referred to in various media reports as a werewolf, it differs from traditional werewolves in that the half-man, half-wolf form which is it said to possess is believed to be its natural state. Whilst a werewolf may change shape from man to beast, the Dogman is alleged to be a species which has only the one form.


The Dogman was allegedly first sighted in 1887 in Wexford, Michigan, where a pair of lumberjacks claimed to have seen a monster which had the body of a man but the head of a dog. Later, in 1937, a man named Robert Fortney stated that he had been attacked by a pack of five wild dogs, but that one of the dogs walked upright in the manner of a human.


Scattered reports of the Dogman surfaced over the next few years, but it was not until the recording of a song entitled “The Legend” by local radio DJ Steve Cook about the folklore of the Dogman that the creature gained widespread notoriety. Following the song’s release, Cook’s radio station was inundated with calls from listeners who claimed to have sighted the Dogman over the years.

Since then there have been literally thousands of reports of the Dogman from all across North America, and even some from other countries and continents. Whether there is any credence to these reports is a hotly debated topic in cryptozoological circles.

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