Megalon is a creature which appears in Toho Company’s Godzilla franchise.


Somewhat insectoid in appearance, Megalon possesses an armour-plated hide, large bug-like eyes and a prominent horn on its forehead capable of projecting a bolt of electricity. In place of hands it has a pair of sword-like appendages which when combined create a drill which it may use as either a weapon or burrowing tool. Megalon also has a chitinous carapace which folds out to reveal its wings, and is able to spit balls of napalm at its enemies.

Megalon has been described as being 80 metres long, between 55 and 88 metres tall, and 40,000 to 64,000 tons in weight. It is worshiped as a god by the Seatopians.


When the ancient Seatopians grew angry with humanity for slowly destroying the Earth - and conducting a nuclear test which laid waste to their capital city - they called upon their god Megalon to exact revenge. Megalon proceeded to go on a rampage and terrorise the people of Japan, and seemed unstoppable.

The Seatopians had also captured Jet Jaguar, a human-built robot, to aid in their plan but luckily the robots’ creator was able to regain control of it and send it to Monster Island in order to enlist the aid of Godzilla.

Returning to Japan, Jet Jaguar programmed itself to grow to an enormous size in order to do battle with Megalon; this caused the Seatopians to request aid from the M Space Hunter Nebula aliens, which they sent in the form of the kaiju Gigan. These two monsters proceeded to attack Jet Jaguar, slowly wearing the giant robot down before Godzilla arrived to turn the tide, driving Gigan off into space and Megalon back to Seatopia.

Megalon has also made several appearances in associated comic books and video games.

Powers and Abilities

Electric Blast

  • As stated above, Megalon can fire a powerful beam of electricity from the insect-like horn which protrudes from its forehead.

Napalm Bombs

  • As also stated above, it is capable of ejecting reddish pellets of napalm from its mouth which it uses as a weapon.

Combination Hands

  • Megalon’s hands are a pair of razor-sharp slicing blades which when combined form a powerful drill; this drill makes for a formidable weapon, but also allows it to burrow beneath the earth at a speed of Mach 2.


  • Its wings allow Megalon to fly in Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of Mach 3.

Superior Swimmer

  • Megalon is capable of travelling underwater at speeds in excess of Mach 4.
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