Maguma in Gorath

Maguma (マグマ) is a giant walrus monster that appeared in the 1962 Toho film Gorath.


Maguma looks like a giant brown walrus with white pupil-less eyes and smooth hairless skin. Maguma is 50 meters tall and weighs 25,000 tons.


Maguma is presumably a type of giant prehistoric walrus that was frozen under ice in the North Pole for millennia.


Showa Era


Maguma was thawed from the ice when United Nations operatives placed rockets at the North Pole to move Earth out of its orbit and out of the path of the oncoming star Gorath. Maguma rampaged through the United Nations' bases in the area, jeopardizing their plans. The U.N. sent a VTOL craft to kill Maguma. The VTOL buried Maguma under a pile of rocks, but it burst free. The VTOL then blasted Maguma with a powerful laser beam, killing it.


  • Tusks - Maguma's tusks are incredibly sharp and strong and can damage anything in its path.


Maguma's skin is not overly protective, as shown by the fact that a single laser beam was enough to kill Maguma. Maguma also seems to possess an aversion to fire and high temperatures.


  • Maguma's name is the Japanese transliteration of the word "magma."
  • Maguma was originally scripted to be one of Godzilla's allies in Destroy All Monsters, along with Ebirah. Ultimately, these two monsters were dropped in favor of Anguirus, Gorosaurus, and Minilla.
  • Maguma made an appearance in the 1998 video game Godzilla: Trading Battle.