Magneton is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon and the evolved form of Magnemite. When three Magnemites are drawn together by a strong magnetic field, they fuse into this singular form.

Pokédex Data

Magneton appears to be three Magnemites joined together in a triangular pattern. The appearance of the three Magnemite components remains largely unchanged, although the two lower components each lack one of their original screws.

Magneton can normally be found in rough, arid areas adjacent to power plants. It feeds on electrical currents and becomes more active during periods of solar flare activity, most likely due to changes in the sun's magnetic field. Although Magneton's appearance resembles that of modern-age technology, this Pokémon has existed for thousands of years according to scholars. Carvings depicting Magneton have been discovered in the Ruins of Alph and it is believed that Magnetons were among the Pokémon that took part in the War of Kalos.


  • Screech - Magneton generates an agonizing metallic screech that reduces its opponent's guard.
  • Tri Attack - An energy attack that inflicts moderate damage and can cause one of three status ailments: burning, freezing or paralysis.
  • Magnet Rise - Magneton generates an electromagnetic field that allows it to levitate and prevents any arena traps from touching it.
  • Zap Cannon - Magneton fires a powerful blast of electricity that inflicts heavy damage and leaves the opponent paralysed.


Magneton evolves into Magnezone when it levels up within a special magnetic field. Environments such as Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh and Chargestone Cave in Unova are known to contain such fields.