Magnemite is a small mechanical Pokémon marked as No. 081 in the National Pokédex. When it was first catalogued in Kanto, it was registered as a pure Electric-type, but has since been reclassified as an Electric/Steel-type.

Pokédex Data

Magnemite has a spherical metal body with a single circular eye. It also has a large screw protruding from its upper hemisphere and two smaller screws located beneath its eye. On either side of its body is a horseshoe magnet.

Magnemite, despite its mechanical nature, is not a man-made entity but a naturally-occurring life-form. Commonly found in areas where electrical and magnetic fields are abundant, this Pokémon absorbs electrical energy and gains nourishment from it. It constantly generates electromagnetic waves that keep it afloat throughout its life. It also releases electrical jolts from the magnets on its sides as a means of defending itself.


  • Thunder Wave - Magnemite emits electrical waves that will paralyse enemies.
  • Metal Sound - Magnemite emits a horrible metallic screech, discomforting its opponents and causing them to lower their guard.
  • Magnet Bomb - Magnemite launches a series of tiny metallic orbs that explode upon impact with a target.
  • Spark - Painful arcs of electricity that cause moderate damage.


In the Pokémon games, Magnemite evolves into Magneton when it reaches Level 30. In-universe, however, a Magneton is born when three Magnemites fuse together via a powerful magnetic field.