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Magma Cubes are a species of large and highly-dangerous mob which appear in Mojang’s Minecraft franchise.


As their name might suggest, Magma Cubes are large cuboid creatures with red and black patchwork skin and a pair of blazing eyes. Their rocky exterior gifts them with a high degree of natural armour, and they are impervious to fire- and lava-based damage. When sufficiently hurt, Magma Cubes are capable of splitting into a number of smaller cubes with proportionally lower health, armour and attack values, which must be slain individually before they swamp the player in sheer number of attacks.

Magma Cubes are found exclusively in the Nether, where they may spawn at any location, although they are encountered most frequently in Nether Fortresses.


Much like their counterparts in the Overworld, the Slimes, they will hop towards a player at a random rate and attempt to either squash them or simply to make contact. If either happens, then the beast will inflict a high degree of damage, and this, combined with their unpredictable movement speed, increased attack rate, and ability to split into smaller Cubes, make them a difficult opponent to combat.


When destroyed, both large and small Magma Cubes have a chance to drop Magma Cream, a material which is useful in the advanced brewing of potions.

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