Pa and ma

Ma and Pa Duskerton were an elderly couple who once lived and worked in the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Appearing in the Gravity Falls episode "The Inconveniencing", the couple once ran the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store together, but the store was shut down after Ma and Pa both suddenly died of double heart attacks. The ghosts of Ma and Pa Duskerton continue to haunt the abandoned store, seeking revenge against teenagers.


In life, Ma and Pa Duskerton ran the convenience store Dusk 2 Dawn. During this time, the store was frequently visited by teenagers who bothered the Duskertons with their boom-boxes and their choice of dress. Ma and Pa decided to ban teenagers from the store, but the local teens retaliated by dancing to rap music in front of the store. Horrified by the "hateful" lyrics, Ma and Pa were stricken by heart attacks and died. The Dusk 2 Dawn was shut down in 1995.

Over the years, the ghosts of Ma and Pa have remained in the store, seeking revenge against any teenagers who break in. In 2012, Dipper and Mabel Pines accompanied Wendy Corduroy and her friends to the store and they all fell victim to the Duskertons' vengeance. Mabel was possessed and one by one the youngsters found themselves trapped within the store's appliances. Dipper realised that everyone was being targeted based on their own teenage interests and he addressed the ghosts, revealing that he was only 12 years old and not technically a teenager.

Ma and Pa decided to let Dipper and his friends go if Dipper performed a humiliating dance while wearing a lamb costume. Dipper agreed and the ghosts released Mabel and the others. The store has remained deserted since.


Pa and Ma have a deep hatred of teenagers. They were mean and angry towards Dipper at first, but their anger diminished when they found out Dipper was "technically not a teen," which made Ma and Pa act a lot nicer and sweeter.


Though non-corporeal themselves, Ma and Pa are still capable of manipulating and influencing the physical world, at least within the Dusk 2 Dawn store. They can control objects, possess anyone within the store and bring inanimate objects to life.