Berserkers are monstrous female Locust. They are blind, and therefore rely on smell and sound to navigate and locate enemies. Possessing enormous physical strength, these Locusts can tear foes limb from limb and can gain enough momentum when running to smash through a solid stone wall, able to kill Gears in a similar fashion to ramming them with a vehicle by running into them at high speed. Vicious and bloodthirsty even by Locust standards, they have been known to kill other Locust drones just for getting too close, and in essence anything that irritates them. Any Gear that fights a Berserker will have to be quick with their feet to defeat her, and the only known effective way to kill one is to lure it outside and blast it with the Hammer of Dawn superweapon or by setting it on fire. This weakens the Berserker's hide meaning it becomes susceptible to gunfire until the hide cools and rehardens.

It has been reported amongst Gears that Locust breed through rape, restraining Berserkers by chaining them down while multiple drones conduct breeding. These reports are unconfirmed, but given the inherently violent nature of the Locust, it seems likely. However, it has also been supposed that Berserkers go through a period of calmness where they allow drones to breed with them, this period would also let them give birth without killing the resulting offspring in a fit of rage.

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