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Lizzie was an enormous crocodile kaiju which appeared in the 2018 monster movie Rampage.


Once a regular American crocodile from the Florida Everglades, after her mutation, Lizzie grew to gigantic proportions, measuring well over a hundred feet in length. She also developed a forest of razor-sharp blade-like protrusions from her back, a set of vicious tusks, and a spiny club on her tail similar to that of an Ankylosaurus'.

It should be noted that Lizzie was far larger than the other two animals infected by the formula, possibly due to the fact that she consumed the entire canister, whereas the others instead inhaled the gas emitting form the canister before backing off.

Powers and Abilities

  • Crocodile Physiology: Lizzie has several physical attributes that surpasses that of most other crocodiles.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to her gigantic size upon being infected by the pathogen, Lizzie possesses gargantuan amounts of physical strength, making her the biggest and strongest of the other two monsters. She was able to easily lift and throw military vehicles, plow through the side of a building, tear off Ralph's head and beat George severely. Lizzie's massive jaws are so powerful that they are able to crush helicopters, but can also do more harm to others.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to being infected by the pathogen, Lizzie possesses an extremely thick, armored hide that enables her to withstand bullets, missiles and bombs and even attacks from George as well. When George tried to pierce Lizzie's skin with one of her own tusks after ripping it off, it didn't seem to cause any damage. Lizzie is also able to survive being incapacitated by Davis Okoye after he throws a belt full of grenades in between her gills and can even withstand a hail of missiles from a downed AH-64 Apache being fired directly into her face, which seemingly serves only to anger her. However, Lizzie is vulnerable to attacks by other monsters as she is easily killed when George drove a metal spike through one of her eyes, killing Lizzie instantly.
    • Superhuman Speed and Agility: In the water, Lizzie can move amazingly fast as she was able to travel all the way to Chicago from the Florida Everglades. On land, Lizzie is agile enough to catch fighter jets in mid-flight. Despite her larger size, she might not be as fast and agile as Ralph and is slower than George.
    • Sharp Teeth and Tusks: Like all crocodiles, Lizzie has countless razor-sharp teeth which grant her a massive bite as she is able to catch Ralph in her mouth before performing a death roll which tears his head off. Lizzie also possesses two large tusks on her upper jaw which themselves are sharp enough to pierce her own skin as shown after George rips one of them off and stabs Lizzie with it.
    • Climbing: Despite her bulky body, Lizzie is capable of scaling through buildings such as the Willis Tower thanks to adhesive pads on her feet like a gecko.
    • Tail Club: Due to being infected by the pathogen, Lizzie possesses spikes on the end of her tail which form a club and can be used as a formidable weapon in combat against opponents. This enables her to strike George and send him flying after he stopped Lizzie from crushing Davis with her tail.
    • Neck Frills: Due to being infected by the pathogen, Lizzie possesses a pair of frills flanking her face which can open and expand when she is provoked or threatened.
    • Amphibious Nature: Lizzie is adapted for movement both on land and underwater, although she is certainly more than capable of breathing on land. However, due to being infected by the pathogen, she possesses fish-like gills on the sides of her neck which enables her to stay and breathe underwater indefinitely.
    • Master Swimmer: Like all crocodiles, Lizzie is an excellent swimmer since she has a natural affinity for water and inbuilt swimming skills, including the ability to hold her breath underwater for long periods of time.


After consuming a canister filled with a serum designed to rewrite the genetic coding of its users, Lizzie was transformed into the huge monster described above. When the serum’s creators, a company named Energyne, activated an infrasonic beacon whose purpose was to lure Lizzie and the other two creatures affected by their agent - an albino gorilla named George, and Ralph, a mutated grey wolf - to Chicago, Lizzie quickly made her way to the city and proceeded to wreak havoc.

However, after George’s former handler, a man named Davis Okoye, managed to steal an antidote which would counteract the properties which made the creatures so aggressive and feed it to George, the pair battled the other two monsters. Okoye was able to trick Ralph into flying into Lizzie’s jaws, where the reptile made short work of the smaller beast. Lizzie then fought with George, until Davis started to shoot at Lizzie. This made her furious and was about to kill Davis. This did not happen however, as George stabbed a spear into her eye, killing her.


  • Lizzie is the only one of the trio to have changed animal species. In the video games, Lizzie was originally a giant lizard, while in the movie, she is a giant crocodile.
    • This was done to avoid too many similarities with Godzilla, who inspired the design of Lizzie.