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In the mythology of classical Greece, Leto was one of the Titans, a group of cosmic giants of enormous power who ruled the universe before the coming of the Olympian gods.


One of the second generation of Titans, Leto was born to the first generation Titans Phoebe and Coeus.

After the ten year long War for the Heavens known as the Titanomachy, Leto's great beauty caught the eye of King of the Gods Zeus, who impregnated her with the twin Olympian gods Apollo and Artemis. Zeus's wife, Hera, flew into a rage at this, using her power to ensure that no land would accept Leto, and causing many of the subterranean beasts of the time to hunt her for sport.

Finally encountering her sister Asteria, who had transformed herself into a floating island in the Aegean Sea in an effort to evade Zeus's amorous intentions, Leto was granted sanctuary there and gave birth to Apollo and Artemis in peace.

Once the twins reached adulthood, Hera apparently forgave Leto for lying with her husband, and the Titaness lived the remainder of her existence quietly on Mount Olympus.

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