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Leprocauns (Latin: Simiidiabolus hibernicus horribillis.) are creatures which originate in turn-of-the-century North American folklore.


Appearing as small humanoids, Leprocauns can be found all across Ontario, Canada and through into northern Michigan in the United States. They are vicious little creatures who will eat anything that takes their fancy, and are capable of surprising bursts of speed and leaping large distances in a single bound.

The descendants of Leprechauns brought to the New World by Irish settlers as pets, it did not take long for the Leprocauns to escape and begin to proliferating throughout the surrounding countryside. They quickly became quite feral beasts and the locals began to fear them, simply running in fright whenever one was sighted.

One tale of a Leprocaun tells of a wagon driver who was accompanying a group of teamsters on a supply trip who were attacked by one of these creatures. The driver made a run for it, leaving the unfortunate teamsters to their fate, claiming that he only managed to escape by heading through a thick patch of tamarack trees.

Further reading

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