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The last giant, in his battle stance.

The Last Giant is the first boss the player faces off with in Dark Souls 2. Found in the Forest of Fallen Giants, which in lore, was the battlefield between human soldiers and giants fought in a great war, started by Queen Nashandra. He is found impaled on a large stone pillar, ripping himself out of the ground.


Superhuman Strength

The Last Giant is capable of pulling himself out of the ground and usually deals heavy amounts of damage to an ill-prepared player.


The Last Giant, when at half health, can pull his entire arm off and use it as a crude bludgeon.


Ankle Attacks

The player is capable of running through the Giant's legs and cutting at the ankles. However, if not careful, the giant will step on the player.


This boss is a very slow and ponderous creature, making it a simple matter to attack without receiving damage in return for long periods of time.


  • Though the name implies he is the last of his kind, there are actually two other non-memory giants that the player can fight for a key that opens two doors, one for a covenant quest and another for Havel the Rock's armor.
  • There is another boss in the game, named the Giant Lord, which shares a similar body structure and makes similar noises.