Stalks are massive plant-like Lambent forms that appear in Gears of War 3 as well as various GoW publications. Believed to be the "fruiting body" of Imulsion, they grow deep within the subterranean recesses of Sera and erupt on the surface to further spread the Lambent contagion. These towering fungal growths were first encountered by the remnant of the Coalition of Ordered Governments a year after the flooding of Jacinto, their growth towards the surface accelerated when the Hollows also became flooded, raising large deposits of Imulsion near sea-level.

The main purpose of Stalks is to spawn the crab-like Lambent Polyps and transport other Lambent forms rapidly to the surface. When the Stalks emerge from the ground, the pulsating pods growing upon them will deposit Lambent forms such as Drones and Drudges to attack whatever uninfected life-forms they encounter. The Stalks will die after depositing a certain number of Lambent, taking on the consistency of stone, essentially petrifying upon death. Stalks can be killed quicker by destroying their pods before they release all of their Lambent forms, thereby saving ammo and lives by preventing more Lambent from spawning.

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