Polyps are the most basic variety of Lambent forms in the Gears of War franchise. Spawning from Lambent Stalks and even within the bodies of other Lambent creatures, these small crab-like monstrosities would always appear in large clusters.


The Polyp has a body structure similar to a crab, with black, stone-like chitin covering its segmented form. Like all Lambent, its bodily fluids consists almost solely of Imulsion. When attacking, it will periodically spit Imulsion in an aggressive manner from its fanged mouth. Polyps are physically weak and can be killed with minimal firepower, but when injured they will violently explode, so distance is essential to surviving an encounter with them.


Polyps will relentlessly attack any non-Lambent creatures they encounter, showing no sense of self-preservation. They will leap at prey and slash them with their forelegs or simply self-destruct, killing themselves and their intended target. In the case of Locust Drones, Polyps tend to leap onto Drones' backs and infect them by fusing with them, turning them Lambent.

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