Lambent Drones are Locust Drones that have succumbed to Lambency after prolonged exposure to Imulsion. They appear in Gears of War 2 and 3.


Drones that have been altered by the Lambent mutation develop a thicker hide in some areas of the body, but it becomes weaker in other areas, usually in the glowing patches of the creature's body. Like most Lambent creatures, Drones have been known to explode upon death, but Drones that suffer a lesser degree of Lambency do not detonate, as witnessed in Gears of War 2. On at least one occasion, the Imulsion within a Lambent Drone's body has become mobile after its host's death, exiting the corpse to seek out a new host.


Drones seem to display more intelligence than other Lambent creatures, retaining many of the ground infantry tactics used by the Locust such as taking cover and flanking enemy positions. They are also still capable of using the same weapons they used as Locust, such as Hammerburst rifles and Gnasher shotguns.

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