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The Lambent Berserker is a ferociously destructive Lambent creature that appears as a boss in Gears of War 3. The COG found Locust Berserkers to be challenging enough, but its Lambent variant proved to be all the more deadly with their additional appendages and their heightened durability.


In certain aspects, the Lambent Berserker is even tougher than its Locust counterpart, but this is debatable. While Berserkers are normally only vulnerable to weapons after being exposed to extreme heat and can normally only be brought down quickly by the Hammer of Dawn, the Lambent Berserker is capable of surviving a Hammer strike and continuing to fight. However, it does possess an obvious vulnerable spot: a large glowing organ is clearly visible within its chest cavity which hangs wide open. Concentrating fire on this organ will weaken it and cause the monster to bleed Imulsion, but maintaining fire is difficult as the Lambent Berserker never stays still. Though large and bulky, the creature moves with frightening speed. It will also use its tentacles to slash and stab at opponents as well as launch itself off of the ground and into the air, jumping long distances.


Lambent Berserkers behave in a similar manner to their Locust counterparts. They are blind and so they track their prey by sound and smell, reacting to attacks by furiously charging in the direction of the attacker and trampling them to death.

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