Kuramon is a Newborn-Level Digimon of an undetermined type. Given how it was brought into being, it is safe to assume it fits under the Virus category. It appears as a pale grey or black blob shaped vaguely like a jellyfish with two small horns atop its body. It has a single orange-coloured eye.

Kuramon is a digital manifestation of the aggression and hatred of humans transferred across cyberspace. The conflicts and abuse between humans using the Internet coalesces as a DigiEgg which then hatches into this dangerous creature. Kuramon can rapidly multiply and spread like a virus, causing electronic networks to malfunction and collapse. It can also digivolve rapidly and even skip multiple evolutionary levels.


  • Bubble Blow - Spits acidic bubbles from its eye to warn away potential enemies.
  • Glare Eye - Fires a blast of light from its eye to disorient foes.
  • Blood Eye - A blast from Kuramon's eye that can confuse enemies and make them fight among themselves.


Kuramon hatches from a grey DigiEgg covered in spikes. It can digivolve into one of the following forms.