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- Ben Tennyson.

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The Kimodo Dragon is a creature which appears in the Ben 10 animated series episode All Koiled Up as a mind-controlled servant of the reptilian King Koil.


Essentially an enormous Komodo Dragon, the Kimodo stood more than twice the height of an adult human, was capable of moving as fast as a motor vehicle, could burrow beneath the ground at speed, and possessed an astonishing degree of superhuman strength, being able to throw cars hundreds of feet with a single swipe of its powerful tail. It can be reasonably assumed that the Kimodo was female, as King Koil consistently called it "sister."


When Team Tennyson were visiting an oriental zen garden Ben, impatient with the lack of excitement and misunderstanding the purpose of the garden, turned into Overflow to water the plants, but inadvertently weakened the ground, enabling King Koil and the Kimodo Dragon to dig their way up and attack the city.

Following the pair, Ben changed into Wildvine, but was soundly defeated by them and nearly crushed by the Kimodo, with only the intervention of Grandpa Max in the Rustbucket saving his bacon.

Gwen soon deduced that King Koil was using mind control to command the Kimodo, and so Ben was able to use a mirror to trick Koil into hypnotising and instructing himself to return below ground with his servant.

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