A berserker of Khorne

Khorne, also known as the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls, is one of the four gods of Chaos Undivided in Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. He is the god of blood, war and murder and his domain of the mind is the most basic and brutal emotions , including anger, hate, rage, war and killing. Khorne is also god of martial pride and honor, and hates cowards. It is said that he sends his pet flesh hound Karanak after anyone who attempts to flee the field of battle. Khorne's rival chaos god is Slaanesh, but he also hates the mage-god Tzeentch because of his beliefs that magic is for cowards. Cult's dedicated to Khorne are made up of a mix of uncontrollable fighters, who excel at killing, and those who are weak and desire strength. Unlike other gods, who's temple is built from stone or metal, Khorne's temple is the battlefield, where one can here the cries of "Blood for the Blood God" and "Skulls for the Skull Throne". Khorne is the simplest god to worship of the
Mark Of Khorne

The mark of Khorne

Chaos Gods, but also the most powerful. The Blood God doesn't care where the blood flows from, so long as it keeps flowing.

Khorne's realm in the immaterial realm is known as the Fortress of Khorne, and it is a monument to the fury and bloodshed that the Blood God expects from his followers. Khorne sits on the Throne of Skulls in the centre of the Brass Citadel. The Skull Throne is a brass throne on top of a mountain of skulls belonging to those slain in his name. Around his citadel is a moat filled with the boiling blood of those who've died in battle and beyond that, a barren wasteland. For those who make it far enough through this wasteland, there's a chasm that splits the land in two. This chasm was said to have been caused when Khorne, angry for an unknown reason, smashed his sword into the ground with such force that a massive chasm was created from the blow.

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