A Kelpie is a water horse, a supernatural creature from Celtic Folklore. It is believed to haunt the rivers and lakes of Scotland and Ireland. It is mostly black, although it can be white as well. It could be seen as a pony, although its mane is always dripping water. They are also known to transform into beautiful woman to lure young men into traps, usually into water so it can eat them. A Kelpie has the strength of 10 regular horses, and hate to be enslaved on farms, etc. It is wise to stay away from them.


Kelpies have been known to disguise themselves as black mustangs near a loch and lure men, women and children onto their backs for a seemingly innocent ride. But then the kelpie crashes headfirst into the loch, dragging the person to their watery grave. They also, as previously stated, disguise themselves as men. Their ability to change forms may have something to do with a silver bridle. In one particular tale, a lady was able to changed a kelpie into their equestrian form by removing the bridle, and back to their human form by putting the bridle back on.


Horse Form: In their horse form, Keplies disguise themselves as black mustangs. In other versions, they are said to be horses with snakes for hair.

Male Form: They are known to be handsome in their male form.