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Karen Anatos, also Known as Lily Thorne, Rose Thorne, Ophelia Vine, Midnight Queen, and Mistress Black, is a vampire of Clan Gangrel who appears in White Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness setting.


Whilst Karen is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, beyond that not much can be said about her as she continually changes her appearance to be able to remain in the public eye.


An aspiring actress of the 1920's, Karen found most of her roles in horror movies from up-and-coming directors. Whilst filming a scene in Germany's Black Forest, she slipped and fell, falling into a river in full flood, but was rescued by an ancient Gangrel vampire who subsequently Embraced the young performer, then left her where the film crew would be able to find her.

Quickly realising the truth of her condition, Karen decided to continue with her acting career, turning the director of the film into a ghoul before the pair returned to Hollywood. Now, in order to keep from discovery, Karen periodically reinvents herself as a different actress; this enables her to keep making movies whilst remaining undetected.

Unfortunately for her, virtually everything that Karen knows about vampirism comes from the generally-low budget movies that she makes, and as such she has what is undoubtedly one of the worst cases of Hollywood-itis ever seen. Despite this, the majority of the Kindred were content to leave her be as her cover was a good one; however, after she ghouled a fan on live television, Karen was placed on the Camarilla’s Red List, a list of the top thirteen of Kindred society's Most Wanted. It is only a matter of time before a vampiric assassin gets to her and ends her undead existence.

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