The Kantus were a subspecies of the Locust in the Gears of War universe. They acted as priests and the religious leadership of the Horde and were led by the Locust High Priest, Skorge. They were taller than typical Locust Drones, standing at almost 7 feet, and had the same leathery white flesh that all Locust have. They are often heard chanting, which is used to communicate with other Locust in order to direct attacks, but can also revive downed Locust soldiers in a seemingly mystical fashion. They are extremely agile and have been seen rolling to one side to avoid gunfire. Their main weapons in battle are the Gorgon machine pistol and ink grenades.


  • Savage Kantus - Kantus monks affiliated with the Savage Locust that formed after the events of Gears of War 2. With their order seemingly destroyed along with Nexus, they reverted to tribal shamanism. This variant only appeared in Gears of War 3's multiplayer mode as a player model.
  • Gow-3-armoured-kantus.jpg
    Armoured Kantus - A special variation of Kantus clad in spiky, durable armour. They are more warlike and vicious than normal Kantus and are armed with twin Gorgons, and can tear enemies to shreds using the metallic spines adorning their armour when they roll. The Armoured Kantus are significantly more difficult to kill with standard munitions; explosives are the best tools to dispatch these creatures.
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