Jyarimon is a Slime-Type Newborn Digimon. It has a small, round body with red skin, a curved mouth, two black eyes and a pair of fins atop its body that resemble bat-like wings. These fins are actually its ears.

An extremely rare breed, Jyarimon are the offspring of powerful Dragon-Type Digimon. It also has a highly aggressive temperament, but it lacks the power to back up its aggression. As such, Jyarimon have a low survival rate since they tend to pick fights with Digimon much stronger and larger than they are.


Jyarimon's only ability is Fiery Bubbles. Similar to the Bubble Blow attack that most young Digimon have, it is a flurry of bubbles that have been heated up by Jyarimon's high body temperature. This attack does little damage and merely serves to distract foes.


Jyarimon hatches from a red DigiEgg. Those lucky enough to survive past their Newborn phase will digivolve into Gigimon.