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Jordy Verrill was the main protagonist who appeared in the Stephen King short story Weeds and its adaptation into The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill segment of horror anthology movie Creepshow.


After discovering a recently-crashed meteorite on his property in New England, hillbilly farmer Jordy thought that he might be able to sell it to the local university in order to pay off his bank loan. However, when he touched the rock it split open, exposing him to a foul gas.

Over the course of the next few days, Jordy began to grow a thick coat of vegetation over his entire body, no matter what he did to stop it - bathing only seemed to speed up its growth. Eventually, fearing what he was becoming, Jordy fetched his shotgun and put an end to his own life. After his death, a weather report is heard, stating that "Castle County is going to turn green so fast in the next month... ...that it's going to be almost miraculous!"

The segment ends with the greenery continuing to spread across his land and far beyond...


  • Jordy Verrill was played on-screen by Stephen King himself.