Javier Hidalgo is the primary antagonist of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. He is a South American drug lord who controls the criminal cartel known as the Sacred Snakes and utilizes Bio-Organic Weapons purchased on the black market to secure his operations.


Hidalgo took de-facto control over a large area of jungle on the South American continent, ruling the entire area absolutely. The small government was unable to do anything about Javier’s control of the drug trade, so Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy had been called in to infiltrate this small South American country and find him.

The drugs that Javier’s organization was producing had been contaminating surrounding countries, as well as having found their way into America. Javier was amassing a fortune in drug money, building up his own private army, and fortifying his operations. He was a wanted criminal in many countries, and was an uncommonly cruel man.

This ability to slip through the fingers of justice and gather other criminals is not something an ordinary person could accomplish. Javier had achieved his goals through the use of violence and strict control of the region. He rewarded those who submitted to him, and brutally punished anyone who stood in his way, making harsh examples of anyone who opposed him.

He had a daughter, Manuela Hidalgo with his wife Hilda. When Hilda became infected with the T-Virus, Javier tried to save her with the Veronica virus; it worked, but Hilda became mutated. When Manuela became infected, Javier used the Veronica virus again and prevented her transformation by kidnapping young girls from a village and harvesting and transplanting their organs.

When confronted by US agents Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser, Javier used a giant mutated plant in his botanical garden and fused with it, becoming a creature called the V-Complex. His new body then detached from the ground and made its way through the mansion absorbing anything in its path. Javier's newly formed arm smashed into the area where Hilda was killed and attacked Leon, Krauser, and Manuela but to no avail. Part of his arm was lost and he was forced to extract into the outside of the mansion. In the final fight with Javier, Leon had to destroy his legs in order to cripple him. Soon after Javier regenerated and his newly deformed body was shown through the head of his new form. Finally Javier was killed by a bullet to the head.



The V-Complex fought against Leon, Krauser and Manuela by lashing out with its numerous limbs, flailing tentacles and scythe-like talons. It could also launch clouds of deadly spores as a weapon. Its main weak point is located on its underside, the vestigial remnants of Javier himself, which is what Leon and Krauser fire upon to finally slay the creature.

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