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A Jackalope.

The jackalope (Lepus temperamentalus or Lepus antilocapra) a hybrid cryptid with the body of a jackrabbit and the antlers of a pronghorn antelope or deer. They usually live in the mid-west, and can be seen as the North American parallel to the German wolpertinger. jackalopes on some accounts have been said to also posses a pheasants hind feet and tail, however this may come from the confusion between them and their Germanic cousins.

The origin of the jackalope is debated, and it is unknown which came first; the taxidermy hoaxes, or the actual alleged encounters. Despite being a North American species, rabbits and hares with antlers can be traced to Europe in the form of Lepus cornutus. However, there exists a virus in rabbits and hares, Shope papilloma virus, causing grotesque horn-like protrusions on the victims head.

It is said in the state of Wyoming, a man named John Colter was singing while traveling down a road. It was to his surprise to hear his voice sung back to him. Upon reaching the location, he saw a jackalope. This was the first report of one and it was also the discovery that jackalopes had the ability to mimic the human voice to some degree.

Legend has it jackalopes only mate during high electrical storms, hence their rarity. This varies from other members of the Lepus genus, who mate year-round (or winter, in less suitable climates).


  • In a television series called That's Funny, Jackalope is a reoccurring character in a number of mini-episodes.
  • The jackalope is also mentioned in Danny Phantom.
  • There is a Pixar animated short about a jackalope that teaches a sheep how to do "The Bound".