In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the Ivans were a pair of modified T-103's that served as bodyguards for Sergei Vladimir, the director of Umbrella's security and paramilitary forces. They were distinguishable from other T-103's by their dark skin and white limiter coats; they also wore a pair of goggles each, one blue and one orange.


During the T-virus outbreak in the Arklay Mountains, the Ivans accompanied Sergei to the Umbrella Management Training Facility and one of them fought against Albert Wesker. Wesker managed to escape with his life and the Ivan was ordered to follow Sergei to the Spencer Mansion, where they would recover the body of a T-011, a Tyrant model that would later be used in Umbrella's T-A.L.O.S. project.

Five years after the Mansion Incident, Umbrella's last remaining B.O.W. facility in Caucasus was attacked by both anti-bioterror forces and Albert Wesker, who had betrayed Umbrella years ago and sought to steal all of their research data. Sergei Vladimir dispatched the Ivan twins to dispose of Wesker, but Wesker had long since gained incredible powers thanks to a special virus developed by William Birkin. Wesker fought against the two Tyrants and managed to knock them both unconscious and flee. Their fate after these events remains unknown.


The Ivans were set apart from other Tyrants by a number of factors. As well as the goggles and white coats they wore, they were not as tall as other Tyrants; this was supposedly to help them blend in amongst normal humans should they be required to take on infiltration assignments. The Ivans were also more intelligent than most other Tyrants, able to carry out more exact orders and were also capable of operating tools and weaponry, as demonstrated when they used a stationary rocket launcher against Wesker when they fought him in Caucasus. It is also mentioned in the ingame documents that they are still capable of going into the Super Form similar to other T-103's.

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