Irad the Strong was a vampire who is referred to in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness setting.


Whilst almost nothing is known of him before his Embrace, Irad was one of the Kindred commonly known as the Second Generation.

After Caine had built the City of Enoch into a major power, his most trusted advisor and first Childe Enoch desired the power of the Blood which Caine possessed. Once Caine brought Enoch into the vampiric fold, Enoch requested that Caine also Embrace Irad, so that he might have company of his own. Caine, recognising the martial prowess that Irad possessed, did so, and from that day on Irad served his master in all matters military, conquering new territories and acting as a strong right arm wherever he was needed.

Irad and the other Second Generation Kindred went on to Embrace more of their kind however, an act which ultimately led to their destruction as a displeased God sent the Great Flood to destroy both the City of Enoch and the Second Generation. Whether it was the actual deluge or the actions of the Third Generation which ended Irad and his “siblings” is something that will likely never be known for sure.


  • Although unconfirmed, a certain fragmentary text supposedly originating from Caine’s days in the First City suggests that Irad was actually Enoch’s mortal son before his Embrace.
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