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The Indoraptor is a dinosaur that appears as the central antagonist in the movie Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom of the year 2018.


The Indoraptor was a dinosaur made with Velociraptor DNA and Indominus Rex (which is also a modified dinosaur you can also find on this wiki) made by Dr. Henry Wu. Extremely aggressive, created to be a live weapon with extremely powerful sharp teeth and claws, obey exactly the commands of a weapon you point the target flag to focus on that, and fire the weapon alarm for the hybrid to attack.


The Indoraptor has a black color on basically his entire body, with a yellow stripe from his mouth to his tail. With 1.80 m in height and 2.01 wide, with teeth and claws practically unbreakable, He is extremely intelligent and may even be the second most intelligent being in the world. He's pretty fast.


Created to be a weapon from the bone of the genetic dinosaur Indominus Rex by Dr. Wu, after being created, he was sold to people for 38,000,000 dollars, only that after releasing from his cage began to kill everything that saw front. After a while, he began chasing after Benjamin Lockwood's granddaughter, she was helped by Owen Grady until they climbed to the roof. At that moment, the Indoraptor was attacked by Blue, Owen Grady's velociraptor, breaking the roof glass and killing the Indoraptor because he fell on the horns of a Agujaceratops fossil.

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