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Illuge is a female demon that appears in the Devilman manga series as well as its spin-off Devilman Grimoire and the first Devilman OVA. She is a very minor character in the original series though is popular among series' fans largely due to her controversial appearance.


Illuge is a humanoid demon with pink skin and raven-black hair. Her face appears to be stretched into a monstrous grin, her arms end in sharp, pincer-like claws and can transform into wings, allowing her to fly. Her feet each have three toes ending in sharp talons and she possesses a tail covered in barbs. The most controversial aspect of her appearance, aside from her being nude and showing off her breasts, is the monstrous reptilian face on her crotch.



While Ryo is driving Akira home, his path is blocked by a robed woman. He stops and groans at what looks like a possible hitchhiker. However, the woman casts her cloak aside to reveal her horrific form as the demoness Illuge. She then lets out a scream through her second mouth which completely shatters the car windows. Not long afterwards, several more demons emerge and ambush the two, leaving Ryo with no choice but to head back the way he came.

Devilman: The Birth

After Akira had discovered the truth of demon-kind thanks to the Demon Mask, he prepares to leave with Ryo Asuka who was responsible for telling him about his newfound knowledge, however as they are going through the hallway Illuge's sonic scream blasts out all the windows. Immediately after the octopus like demon Texsch and spider demoness Gardalza break in through the ceiling and chase the two out of the house. Whilst driving they find the bridge smashed with Illuge standing on the other side she swoops down and attacks them, Ryo and Akira get out of the car and Ryo shoots Illuge in her lower the mouth with his shotgun causing her to fall down, Ryo then shoots his car twice blowing up the engine and killing Illuge.


Illuge is able to fly by forming wings upon her arms. Her crotch-mouth is also capable of emitting sonic shrieks powerful enough to shatter glass and burst human eardrums.

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