Icrotic Slimes are a species of parasitic organism found in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 setting, and its Necromunda skirmish-level wargame in particular.


Native to the Hive World of Necromunda, Icrotic Slimes are slow-moving blobs of matter similar in appearance to an enormous amoeba, with adult Slimes measuring no more than a few inches across. These creatures prey on sleeping victims, where they will attach themselves to the cranium and then make their way into the brain cavity through osmosis. Once there, they will release a cocktail of chemicals which induce a sense of euphoria in the subject which will ensure that they do not wish to try and remove the organism.

Once the prey is firmly in the grip of the psycho-stimulant chemicals, the Icrotic Slime will then reproduce by creating millions of tiny egg-cysts which will hatch and feed upon the poor wretch‘s brain until they become nothing more than a drooling imbecile with no thought processes of their own.

Finally, the young will reach a critical mass where the brain pan is simply too small to be able to contain the Slimes within, and the victims’ skull will literally crack open from the pressure, releasing the newly-birthed Slimes to begin the process anew with a fresh host.

Use as a Narcotic

As has been previously stated, the stimulant which a Slime releases is a powerful and addictive drug, and it is possible to use this as a recreational narcotic, although this requires the assistance of a trusted attendant with excellent timing to remove the Slime before the encysting process begins and the parasite becomes virtually impossible to seperate from its host.

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