Hypnos-T Type 1
The Hypnos T-Type is a unique type of Tyrant that appears in Resident Evil: Survivor. The main variation between this Tyrant and other models was the inclusion in its genetic make-up of the Hypnos gene, a modified genetic strand that, when implanted into an organism, would kill the weaker cells through natural selection, leaving only the best to keep the organism ongoing and encouraging the reproduction of the better cells. A neurotransmitter known as "β Hetero Nonserotonin" was also necessary for its creation.


Hypnos-T Type 2
Hypnos-T Type 3
Hypnos was produced at Umbrella's Tyrant production plant on Sheena Island. In its original state, it appeared as a bald, androgynous figure with bluish grey skin and a slender build. Its left arm ended in a set of razor-sharp talons for rending foes to pieces. When it was released from stasis during the Sheena Island outbreak, it killed Vincent Goldman, the Umbrella executive who commanded the Sheena base. It then proceeded to hunt Ark Thompson, a detective who had traveled to the island to gather evidence of Umbrella's illegal activities. Ark fought against the creature in a corridor inside the lab facility and apparently defeated it, but the monster would regain consciousness shortly afterwards and attack him again.

Ark fought the Hypnos again on the facility's helipad, but the creature had mutated into a stronger form: its muscles had expanded, its claws extended and its teeth grew sharper. In this state, the Tyrant could run at high speeds and viciously slash its opponents. It could also perform a downward strike. Its most dangerous attack was a powerful jumping strike performed at a distance. Lastly, it could strike with a swift lunging strike.

Hypnos sustained heavy damage whilst fighting Ark on the helipad and underwent another mutation, developing a more primal, bestial form. Its intelligence was reduced following this transformation, making it an uncontrollable animal. Fortunately for Ark, the Hypnos' mutation caused it to develop a weak spot common in many Tyrant models: the creature's heart had become exposed following the expansion of its muscular tissues. Its bulky clawed arm was large enough to shield the heart from attacks.

Ark and the Hypnos fought each other in a long, grueling battle, which was finally brought to an end when Ark launched two Sidewinder missiles from his escape chopper into the monster's abdomen, blasting it to pieces.

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