The Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five are a squad of Zoanoid commandos from the Guyver franchise. Created at Cronos' Relic's Point research facility by the organisation's co-founder and top scientist Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, Team Five were each optimized with the utmost efficiency and care. With their unique powers and combat training, these Hyper-Zoanoids represent the best of the best that Cronos have to offer.


Manga and TV series

In the original Guyver manga and the 2005 anime series, the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five were introduced when Sho Fukamachi and his friends first arrived at Mount Minakami, the false mountain that concealed the hidden Cronos base known as Relic's Point. The group proved themselves to be exceptional combatants against the Guyvers, but most of the team were consumed by the rogue Lost Number, Aptom.


In the 1989 Guyver series, Team Five first appeared along with Cronos executive Richard Guyot when he assumed control of Cronos Japan following Genzo Makishima's failure to capture Guyver-I. The team's first operation in Japan was to attack Sho Fukamachi's high school in order to draw the Guyver into a conflict, and Cronos' ties to the media allowed them to cover up the incident as a terrorist bombing. Each member of Team Five was felled by the Guyvers in the OVA as they were all wiped out before the destruction of Cronos Japan.


For full data, see the pages for each individual member.

  • ZX-Tole - Leader of the team. Capable of withstanding many of the Guyver's weapons and armed with multiple bio-blasters.
  • Elegen - Supports team by holding off attackers with his tentacles that can deliver massive electrical charges. Can also levitate and recharge ZX-Tole's lasers.
  • Derzerb - A living tank made of pure muscle. Is immune to conventional weapons and lasers. Can absorb energy attacks and re-direct it as a flame discharge.
  • Gaster - Heavy armament unit that can produce liquid explosives within his body. Delivers these explosives in the form of telepathically-guided missiles.
  • Thancrus - High-speed scout and assassin. Cuts down foes with high-frequency blades similar to those wielded by the Guyver.
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