Husks are cybernetic zombie-like creatures that appear in the Mass Effect series. Once human beings, they have been turned into mindless killing machines by the Reapers. Husks are created when human bodies, either living or recently deceased, are infused with Reaper nanotech. The most common means of transformation is impaling bodies upon devices referred to as "Dragon's Teeth", large spikes that seem to extract all of the water and trace minerals from the body and use nanites to reconfigure the body at the cellular level. The body's flesh and bones are hardened and all of the internal organs are broken down and reconstructed into bio-mechanical servos and circuitry.

Husks serve the Reapers as slave drones and ground troops and will relentlessly charge and attack enemies without regard for their own well-being. While they are incapable of feeling pain, they are still weak compared to other Reaper ground units and possess no shielding or offensive weaponry. They savagely attack with their arms and legs and will generally beat their prey to death, though there have been accounts of Husks actually eating their victims as well. Husks are always deployed in large groups and can quickly overwhelm enemies, so keen marksmanship and strong nerves are essential for surviving against these monsters.

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