The Hunter Elite is a Hunter-class B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil: Dead Aim. This was the final model of Hunter to be created by Umbrella before the corporation's downfall.


The Hunter Elite looks very similar to the Hunter Kai, but only one of its hands has claws. It is also considerably more resilient and requires high-caliber weapons to kill quickly. This Hunter has a more amphibious nature to it, with webbed hands and feet and frog-like eyes.

Only a small number of Elites were created and these units were stolen, along with their research data, by rogue Umbrella scientist Morpheus D. Duvall. These creatures were among a menagerie of B.O.W.'s that Duvall unleashed upon the Spencer Rain as part of his plot to spread the T-virus across the planet.


The Hunter Elite, true to its name, is perhaps the strongest and most efficient model of its line. Capable of swiftly pursuing prey on land and through water, only one of its hands has claws which curve into wicked hooks for tearing victims to shreds and anchoring itself to surfaces. The Elite is more resilient than previous Hunter types and is resistant to most firearms. Only grenades or magnum rounds are capable of putting down an Elite quickly.

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