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The Hunter is a powerful Necromorph on the USG Ishimura, found in Dead Space. It was created by Doctor Challus Mercer by inserting a piece of necrotic tissue, obtained from the Corruption covering some sections of the Ishimura directly into the skull of a live, unknown crew member.


The Hunter is similar in appearance to the Slasher-type Necromorph, possessing large blades that are attached to a pair of elongated arms jutting out from its shoulder blades. It is noticeably bulkier and taller than the standard Slasher, and its original arms appear bound inside the flesh of its torso similar to a straitjacket. Unlike other forms of Necromorphs, it is able to regenerate lost limbs in seconds, meaning that conventional dismemberment tactics only serve to temporarily incapacitate it. The Hunter's voice can be compared to a deep throaty roar, as opposed to the Slasher's usual form of screaming and shouting.


The Hunter was created when Doctor Challus Mercer inserted a piece of necrotic tissue into the skull of an unknown crew member, believed by some to be Brant Harris. This necrotic tissue was taken from the Corruption, a massive, yet harmless, Necromorph organism that covers some areas of the Ishimura. Dr Mercer had it stored in a stasis tube on the Ishimura's Chem Room, on the Medical Deck. When Isaac Clarke entered the Chem Room to mix a poison which would kill the Leviathan, Dr Mercer released the Hunter to kill him.

The Hunter stalked Isaac throughout the Ishimura as he tried to complete the poison. He eventually froze it in the Cryogenic Lab, supposedly taking care of it. However, it is thawed out and starts stalking him again. It finally catches him again on the Ishimura's Crew Deck, when he grabbed the third navigation card. The Hunter chases him throughout the Crew Deck. He manages to lose it, but is attacked again after test-firing the engines of a shuttle in the Executive Shuttle Hanger Bay. He kills it by luring it to the back of the shuttle, delaying with either a stasis blast or dismemberment (or both, depending on the player), then test firing the engines again, burning it.

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