It’s hero time!
- Ben Tennyson.

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Humungousaur is created by the fusion of boy hero Ben Tennyson with the Omnitrix's genetic sample of an alien Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino in Cartoon Network's Ben 10 animated franchise.


A 12-foot tall reptilian creature, Humungousaur is a massively muscular humanoid in appearance, with a long ridge of bony plates which runs the length of his spine. He sports a tough, armoured hide and a semi-prehensile tail which is equipped with a spiked thagomizer.

Powers and Abilities

Humungousaur is surprisingly agile for a creature his size, and his thick skin allows him to shrug off most attacks, including those from superhumanly strong opponents and energy-based weapons. In addition, he possesses an incredible degree of raw physical might which also allows him to leap great distances in a single bound, whilst his tail can be used as an extremely effective club in close-quarters battle.

The Classic version of Humungousaur was also capable of increasing his size to a maximum of around sixty feet in height; this ability came with an exponential increase in strength.


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