Hot Rod TR KHII.png

The Hot Rod is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Appearing in the Timeless River, this Heartless resembles a cartoonish version of a real-world car. Its head is located where the driver's seat would be and sports a dome-shaped canopy through which a jagged antenna extends. Its radiator grill is actually a mouth filled with sharp, triangular teeth. Adorning its hood is an ornament in the shape of the Heartless emblem.

Hot Rods can rush at Sora at high speed to ram him, though they are also capable of standing up on their rear wheels and using their front wheels as arms to deliver quick punches. They can also bite Sora using their fanged mouth-grills. When dashing, Hot Rods are immune to all physical attacks except for Counterattack. Guarding just as it strikes will knock it off-balance, leaving it vulnerable to Counterattack. It is also weak against Thunder magic.

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