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Human mutants (or Homo sapiens superior) are a common variety of super-powered humans in the Marvel Comics universe. In Marvel's prime universe (Earth-616), mutants were created by a star-faring race of humanoid aliens called the "Celestials". Approximately one million years ago, these beings came to Earth and performed various genetic tests and experiments on Earth's highest lifeforms, the nascent human being. To test the versatility of human genes they implanted strands of a dormant DNA complex which would one day permit uncanny mutations of the enormous scope in humanity. The abilities granted by the presence of this X-Gene can be minuscule to god-like, as evidenced by the great variety of powers exhibited by the many well known mutants of Earth. For example, many of the X-Men, and former members of the Brotherhood of Mutants are quite powerful, while others possess seemingly trivial abilities.

Throughout history, mutants have existed in all walks of life and have come in all shapes and sizes. As well as the extraordinary powers they may possess, several mutants, while technically human, may not appear physically human at all. Mutants have frequently been subjected to prejudice by humans over time and have been met with distrust, jealousy, hatred and violence, to the point that they are often seen as monsters or abominations by the society rather than humans. Such extreme examples of mutant racism have even led to potentially world-shaking conflicts between mutants and humans, but thus far the Earth has enjoyed relative peace largely due to its large global community of super-powered heroes which includes many single mutant heroes and mutant groups such as the X-Men.

Individual Mutants

For the purposes of this wiki, not all mutant characters from the Marvel universe will be included. Inclusion of a mutant character depends largely on the character's abilities, appearance and alignment (most "monstrous" characters are typically villainous). All Omega-level mutants may be considered monsters due to the devastating nature of their powers. Omega-class mutants possess abilities that can be potentially world-shattering, such as Jean Grey-Summers aka Phoenix, whose telekinetic power can deconstruct matter at the atomic level and has even resulted in the destruction of entire planets.

  • Apocalypse- AKA En Sabah Nur. One of the first and oldest Mutants that ever existed who believes in the absolute supremacy of Mutants over Earth under the Darwinist ideal of the survival of the Strongest, and possesses a vast variety of powers that make him an incredibly dangerous adversary.
  • Anole- AKA Victor Borkowski. A young member of the X-Men who possesses clear reptilian traits and abilities.
  • Beast - AKA Hank McCoy. Scientist, teacher and founding member of the X-Men. Possesses superhuman strength, dexterity, heightened intellect and feline physical traits.
  • Nightcrawler - AKA Kurt Wagner. Former circus performer and member of the X-Men. Son of the mutant Mystique and the demon Azazel, physically resembles a demon. Possesses teleportation abilities.