Hollows are a race of undead from the Dark Souls series, a set of creatures who have died so many times, their memories have simply rotted away. They seek out soul-bearing creatures, and come in three varieties: Normal, Marked, and Lord.



Common Hollows are very simple creatures, very slow and feeble, but are ravenous and will attack anything in possession of even a single soul. They are capable of wielding basic weaponry, straight swords, crossbows, shields, daggers, and bastard swords.


Hollows given the curse of bearing the Darksign, a mark that gives the Hollows a little of their memories back. This allows them to access some of their previous memories, using a humanity (or human effigy). These creatures are capable of wielding any weapon, from a lowly dagger to the mightiest swords known to man.


These are the chieftains of the undead, who wield souls far beyond the power of a regular Hollow, or were on their way to becoming a Monarch. Known examples include:


the following creatures are exceptions to the normal formula of hollow

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