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The Hat Man is a ghost-like entity that he is seen as a shadow-like person, typically wearing a trench coat and a hat, usually a fedora.



Hat Man is a phenomenon in which witnesses report seeing a shadow-like entity dressed in a trench coat and a hat of some kind, usually a fedora.

The Hat Man acts like a ghost, and is almost always seen, just standing up. This form can simply fade until the witness no longer sees it and has no apparent reaction to people. For example, many people reported "bumping into" this entity, which does absolutely nothing for seconds or minutes, then moves around a bit and just vanishes, as if it couldn't detect who saw it.

Unlike a ghost, who might have visible facial features, the Hat Man is a shadow in the dark in its entirety, with no identifying features.

Many have reported that this entity feeds on terror and does not vanish, he simply walks away as any normal person would. This shadow has substance and many paranormal researchers believe that this entity just studies and observes.


The Hat Man is not believed to be dangerous at the moment. The most he is seen doing is typically standing in the corner of a room, and watching.



These are more artist depictions based off witness testimonies.