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The Harpies were creatures which appeared in the 1963 mythological fantasy movie Jason and the Argonauts.


Much like the Harpies of mythology, the movie Harpies were creatures which resembled human females to a certain degree. They possessed secondary sexual characteristics, but were clearly supernatural entities. Sporting greyish-blue skin, hands and feet with only three wickedly-taloned digits, small nub-like horns and a pair of expansive wings similar to that of a bat, the Harpies were cruel, vicious creatures which delighted in the torment of others.


When Jason and his Argonauts encountered King Phineas on their quest, they struck a deal with the old man. Phineas had angered Zeus who had blinded the king then cursed him to live on a hill in a structure similar to the Parthenon of Athens and served a bountiful feast each day. However, Phineas was never able to enjoy the meal, as every day a flock of vicious harpies would descend from the skies to claim the banquet for themselves. Jason agreed that in exchange for the old man's aid in their quest the Argonauts would put an end to the menace of the Harpies.

The next day, when the Harpies came to torment the old king, the Argonauts trapped them in huge nets which they threw from the top of the ruins before imprisoning them in a wooden cage, then presenting them as a gift to Phineas.


  • The Harpies were animated by stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen.

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