The Hanged are restless spirits from Wyrd Games Malifaux universe.


The victims of hangings - both legal and otherwise - are occasionally cut down and spirited away by an enterprising Resurrectionist for use in his dark arts. Something of a cross between a zombie and a tortured soul, these corpses, still clad in the tattered raiment of their living days and trailing long lengths of frayed rope, flit through the streets and wildernesses of Malifaux, their dead lips whispering terrible confessions and echoing the long-gone screams of their victims. Only those with the strongest of wills can withstand the terrible aura that the Hanged inspire around them.

The first thing that new immigrants to Malifaux see on their journey from the station to the city proper is the Guild's great Hanging Tree, a cautionary note to all of what happens when a person doesn't march to the Guild's tune. This initial image of the new world will stay with a man until his dying day, although not always in the way that Malifaux's rulers may hope, and a Resurrectionist who has advanced far enough in his craft may be able to summon the tormented spirit of one of these most wretched of creatures back to its torn body. Those who can have a powerful tool at their disposal, a being capable of setting his enemies to flight, or even driving them irrevocably insane.

Many Resurrectionists make use of the Hanged as terror weapons, but they are particularly common in the retinue of undead necromancer Jack Daw, a man who was himself hanged for unknowable crimes.