Guild Autopsies are undead creatures which appear in Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


Guild Autopsies are the shambling corpses of those Guild Guards who have fallen in the line of duty. Stripped of their humanity, sense of duty, and sometimes body parts, these reanimated monstrosities serve the will of secret Resurrectionist, and Guild Coroner, Dr. Douglas McMourning. Still capable of wielding their former tools of the trade to great effect, Autopsies can prove a particularly nasty type of zombie to face down.


At some point during his long and illustrious career as Chief Guild Coroner, Dr. McMourning succumbed to the lure of necromantic Soulstone use, and began his dark experiments. After a while, McMourning's focus shifted from stray animals onto human subjects, and rather than resorting to graverobbing, settled on the idea of using the corpses under his care in the City Morgue. There, he thought, accompanied by his nurses and loyal servant Sebastian, he could continue his work undisturbed.

Unfortunately for the good doctor, the absence of many of these cadavers has not gone unnoticed, and certain prominent Guild members are currently taking a much closer look at McMourning's activities than he is comfortable with. In efforts to throw his investigators off of the trail, he has been falsifying the paper trails for his subjects, making it appear as though he has never taken delivery of them, although he ultimately plans to pin the blame on one of his pursuers; sending one of his Autopsies for a visit on the same night the Guild Guard receive an anonymous tip should do the trick . . .