Growlithe is a Fire-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region. It is marked as No. 058 in the National Pokédex. Although its fur colouring resembles that of a tiger, this Pokémon is actually canine, not feline.

Pokédex Data

The Puppy Pokémon, Growlithe, is covered with soft orange fur with black stripes across its back and legs and cream fur covering its muzzle, belly and tail, with a tuft of white hair on top of its head. This Pokémon is fiercely territorial, but also extremely loyal towards its trainer. If approached by strangers, it will take on a defensive attitude and will bark incessantly, resorting to biting if the intruder does not back off. Growlithe possesses an incredible sense of smell; it always remembers a scent it has picked up and can even read the emotional state of humans based on their scent. Wild Growlithe can be found in grassy plains, though these Pokémon are also common sights in urban areas as they have been domesticated by humans.


  • Bite - Growlithe's painful bite can cause a target to flinch.
  • Odour Sleuth - Growlithe can sniff out elusive or even invisible Pokémon.
  • Ember - Growlithe launches a fireball from its mouth.
  • Take Down - Growlithe tackles an opponent with the full weight of its body. This attack deals moderate damage to the opponent, but also minor damage to the user.


Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when exposed to a Fire Stone.