The Griffin, or The Guardian of Good, was a creature which appeared in the 1973 mythological-fantasy movie The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.


The Griffin appeared in much the same way as griffins have usually been portrayed throughout history, with the powerful hindquarters of a lion, and the forelimbs, head and vicious beak of a great bird of prey, most likely an eagle of some type.


After the primitive tribespeople of Lemuria captured Sinbad and his men whilst on a quest for the fabled Fountain of Destiny, the savages chose to sacrifice one of the group, a beautiful young woman by the name of Margiana, to their god the One-Eyed Centaur, who was the Fountain’s Guardian of Evil.


However, before the Centaur could consume its victim the Griffin, the Fountain’s Guardian of Good, emerged and did battle with the Centaur. It was ultimately slain by the Centaur though, who had on its side the aid of an evil sorcerer named Koura.


  • The Griffin was animated by stop-motion supremo Ray Harryhausen.
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