Gorosaurus (originally Gorozaurusu) is an enormous theropodian dinosaur who appeared in various Toho Japanese/American "Kaiju" productions.


Gorosaurus is a titanic reptilian creature who walks on two hind legs in the manner of a theropod dinosaur, has a scaly, pebbled skin, a pair of short, clawed forelimbs, and an oversized head equipped with powerful jaws and sharp teeth. It is described as being thirty-five metres tall, fifteen metres long, and weighing in at a staggering eight thousand metric tons.


Gorosaurus was a type of gigantic dinosaur who called Mondo Island, and later Monsterland, it's home. According to Toho, it was a mutated descendant of the Allosaurs which survived the K-T extinction event.


Originally appearing in the 1967 movie King Kong Escapes, Gorosaurus has since migrated to become one of the lesser-known creatures from the Godzilla franchise, and has also appeared in Toho studios' Go! Godman television series.

King Kong Escapes

Gorosaurus battled the mighty Kong in a dispute over a human named Susan Watson, but was eventually bested when Kong broke its jaw.

Destroy All Monsters

After having its peaceful existence on Monsterland interrupted by the Kilaak who took over its body, Gorosaurus was forced to burrow beneath Paris and destroy the Arc de Triumph. It was then sent to stand sentry on the Kilaak's transmission tower, but was freed from their mind control, and helped Godzilla and other Earth monsters who had been similarly affected to defeat King Ghidorah and put down the alien menace. Afterwards, it returned peacefully to Monsterland.

Go! Godman

In one episode of Go! Godman, Gorosaurus appears as a wandering monster whom Godman battles, eventually having its jaw torn off by the ruthless Protector of Humanity. What happened to Gorosaurus after this is unknown, although his death can be assumed with some certainty.

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