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Smeagol, or Gollum, is a character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was once a Stoor Hobbit from Gladden Fields who killed his cousin for Sauron's One Ring. He was then banished from his village and he exiled himself to a cave-filled mountain. Over time, the power of the Ring transformed him into a hideous creature with two distinct personalities: one being the good side, Smeagol, and one being the treacherous Gollum. After Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee set off to Mordor and to Mount Doom to cast the ring back into the fires from once it came, Gollum attacked them and was then forced to guide the Hobbits to a safe route to Mordor. Over the quest, he secretly plotted to kill them and take the ring. At Mt. Doom, Gollum went insane, completely corrupted by the Ring, and attacked Frodo and Sam, but he finally got hold of the Ring and fell into the fire, killing himself and destroying the Ring with him.


Despite his size, Gollum is signiicantly stronger and more agile than Frodo and Sam. He is an excellent hunter, able to find and kill rabbits and fish to eat. He presented a physical difficulty to Frodo and Sam, and usually uses a rock or his bare hands as a weapon. He enjoys collecting strange items, such as a bats' wings and a sharp rock for sharpening teeth. His strength is augmented due to the Ring's influence on him, like a drug.


His birth is estimated to have occurred in the year 2430 of the Third Age. His death (given in the chronology of The Lord of the Rings) was on March 25, 3019 T.E., when he fell, along with the One Ring, in the crevices of Mount Doom. His lifespan was extended beyond its natural limits by the effect of possessing the One Ring, a supernatural age for a creature that was once a hobbit, although it was deformed and corrupted in mind and body by the power of the Ring. . One of his deepest desires was to possess the Ring (which he had enslaved to), and he was searching for it for many years after he lost it.