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The Giant of Kandahar was an enormous humanoid creature allegedly encountered and killed by a group of American soldiers on a mountainside in Afghanistan.


Said to have stood around thirteen feet in height and weighing in excess of a thousand pounds, the Giant of Kandahar had a shock of bright red hair and a beard of the same colour. It had six digits on each hand and foot, a double row of teeth, dressed in ragged animal skins and wielded an enormous spear.


After a routine patrol of US infantrymen went missing somewhere outside of the city of Kandahar in 2002, a squad of Special Forces operatives were dispatched to search for them. Coming across a mountainside cave, the soldiers found piles of cracked human bones and shattered military equipment.

While they were investigating the debris, the Giant erupted from the cave mouth and speared one of the soldiers, killing him instantly. The remaining men were subsequently able to kill the beast with massed gunfire, although they had great difficulty in doing so.

In the aftermath, the body of the Giant was whisked off by an unknown agency by helicopter. It's current whereabouts are unknown.


The Giant of Kandahar has been speculated by some to have been one of the biblical Nephilim, as it possessed several of the traits commonly associated with these beings, such as red hair, six fingers and a dual row of teeth.

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