The Giant Condor was a monster that appeared in the 1966 film Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster.


The Giant Condor was a gigantic avian creature, similar in type to the various species of vulture common across the American continents. It measured 15 metres in height with a wingspan of 40 metres and weighed in at 100 tons.

During the events of Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, when Godzilla first arrived on Letchi Island - also known as Devil's Island - he was attacked by the Giant Condor. Speedily living up to his moniker as King of the Monsters, Godzilla dispatched the beast with a blast of his signature Atomic Breath.

The Giant Condor's exact motivations are unknown, but, like Ebirah, it appeared on Devil's Island and attacked Godzilla, suggesting that the Red Bamboo may have created it to guard the island.


The exact origin of the Giant Condor is unknown; however, there are two possible explanations: the first is that it was a natural creature who was mutated by the Red Bamboo's Letchi Island nuclear facilities; the second is that it was a previously-undiscovered species of enormous bird. The first theory seems more likely, however, as there was only ever one Giant Condor seen in the Godzilla movies.

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